Survey students using Blackboard
Discover how to gather student feedback by using Blackboard's quizzing tool.

Customize your Course-Instructor Survey
Provide students the questions you want to ask by customizing your official Course-Instructor Survey.

Use a rubric to make grading easier
Grade student writing assignments more efficiently by using a rubric.

The Instructional Assessment Resources (IAR) Web site provides guidance in the following areas:

Assess teaching

Teaching assessment consists of systematically examining instruction (e.g., content delivery, teaching effectiveness, classroom management) to determine its effect or opportunities for improvement.

Assess students

Student assessment involves the evaluation of student learning through assignments, exams, and portfolios.

Evaluate programs

Program evaluation is the holistic examination of an instructional program including its environment, client needs, procedures, and instructional outcomes.

Assess technology

Instructional technology assessment involves examining how technology impacts teaching and learning.

Conduct research

Educational research is a rigorous, systematic investigation of any aspect of education including student learning, teaching methods, teacher training, and classroom dynamics.

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