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Program description

The purpose of the Faculty And Student Teams for Technology (~FAST Tex) program is to support technology-based instruction at UT Austin by partnering technology-literate undergraduate and graduate students with faculty to help them incorporate technology into their instruction. The program is operated by the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT), which provides managerial, administrative, and technical support.

UT Austin faculty submit project proposals to CIT in the fall. Student developers are hired by program staff and assigned to faculty projects based on their technological skill set and project needs. Student developers are paid hourly wages by CIT using Instructional Technology Appropriations Committee (ITAC) grant funds and are supervised by both faculty clients and program staff. Depending on student abilities and project needs, some projects are staffed by multiple students and some students work on multiple projects.


Central questions

  1. Are projects being completed on time and within budget while meeting faculty expectations?
  2. Is the program preparing students for the work world by helping them to learn project management and technical skills?
  3. Are faculty clients and student developers satisfied with the program and its support services?

Evaluation purpose and uses

The purpose of evaluating the ~FAST Tex program is to assess the success of the program and gather information that will inform future program changes and growth. Formative evaluation results will be used to make adjustments to the program during the 2004 program year and in planning for the 2005 program year. Summative results will be used to assess the success of the program and will inform future program changes and planning.

Project components

The 2004 evaluation plan includes:

Program staff will have the opportunity to review and comment on each of the project components.

Project responsibilities

Evaluators are responsible for the overall management of the project as well as instrument creation and administration, data management and analysis, and the reporting of findings. Program staff is responsible for providing evaluators timely, periodic feedback to evaluators. Timely feedback from program staff is critical to the development of valid evaluation instruments and in meeting target dates. In addition, program staff will assist evaluators in the technical aspects of uploading and testing online survey instruments, identifying research participants, and selecting reviewers for the Quality Review of Individual Projects. Program staff will have an opportunity to review and comment on all evaluation instruments and drafts of written reports.

~FAST Tex 2004 program evaluation timeline
Begin date End date Task



Develop & Administer Mid-Term Student Survey



Organize & Conduct Student Focus Group



Develop & Administer End-of-Semester Student and Faculty Surveys



Conduct Program Outputs Audit



Conduct Quality Review of Individual Projects



Analyze Data & Write Report

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