Evaluate programs

Example plan: UT Austin Fine Arts Library

Project purpose

The purpose of evaluating the use patterns of the Fine Arts Library (FAL) is to:

Project uses

The results of this project will be used to make changes to FAL facilities, equipment and services to better serve the needs of CFA students, faculty, and staff.

Project components

The study includes the following components:

Focus groups will be used to develop ideas for improving the FAL facility, equipment and services and making it more attractive to patrons. Focus group data will also be used to inform the patron and faculty/staff surveys. Systematic counts and ethnographic observation will provide insight into how the facility is currently being used by patrons and will help inform the patron survey. The patron survey will provide more generalizable data on patron use patterns, identify patron needs and assess the viability of potential new uses. The faculty/staff survey will identify use patterns and needs for this group of stakeholders and identify ways to increase use of the FAL by CFA faculty and staff.

Project responsibilities

Laura Schwartz and the FAL staff are responsible for the overall management of the project, the administration of project components, data entry, and the dissemination of results. Miodrag Mitrasinovic will supervise and coordinate the ethnographic observations and present the findings to the FAL staff.
In consultation with Laura Schwartz, Joel Heikes will assist with study design, developing focus group and survey instruments, database development, and data analysis.

Project timeline
Time period Task



  • Formalize evaluation plan
  • Develop focus group protocol
  • Conduct ethnographic observations
  • Conduct systematic counts
  • Conduct focus groups



  • Analyze focus group and observational data
  • Develop faculty survey
  • Develop student survey
  • Build survey database
  • Administer patron survey (after spring break)
  • Administer faculty/staff survey (after spring break)



  • Enter survey data
  • Analyze survey data
  • Compile usage data
  • Write report/disseminate findings

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