Assess technology

Interview resource requirements

  Preparation Implementation Analysis
Investigator time,
skill, and

Training or experience in writing interview questions

Hiring staff with appropriate skills

Training staff

Acquiring equipment

Time – Low to Medium depending on experience/ skill level

Soliciting for student participants

Coordinating venue arrangements, additional staff and student participants

Time – Low to Medium depending on number of interviews

Training or experience in analyzing qualitative data.

Time – Medium to High depending on number of and length of interviews.

Additional staff


Assistant(s) trained or experienced in interviewing

Assistant trained or experienced in transcription.

Estimate transcription time at 3-5 hours per hour of audiotape depending on recording quality and staff experience/skill.

Student time


30 minutes – one hour


Other resources



Audio recorder & media

Transcribing machine (optional)

Qualitative analysis software (optional)

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