Evaluate programs

Reporting document analysis results

STEP 7. Analyze data

Rather than merely describing documents, examine them critically, applying coding principles. [more] Label repeating ideas and then larger themes in your approach. Include questions about the purpose of the document; how staff and clients are using it; and how it is (or is not) contributing to achieving program goals. If a program (e.g., academic program) is composed of multiple courses, document analysis may focus on course documents as well. [more]

STEP 8. Make conclusions

Base conclusions on the objectives you set for your analysis. A document analysis can tell you when changes may be needed for program processes, services or procedures, and identify any recommendations needed. [more]

STEP 9. Report results

How you report findings depends on the purpose of your evaluation and the requirements of stakeholders and sponsors. The results of program evaluations may be reported informally to stakeholders as part of a working session or more formally in a presentation or written report. [more]

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