Evaluate programs

Reporting observation results

STEP 7. Analyze the data

Analyze the observational data by reviewing the completed observation form and any written comments. You should also have a face-to-face debriefing discussion with all observers if you did not conduct all observations yourself. This will give the observers an opportunity to explain the data and provide additional feedback. Begin reviewing the data after the first observation. Look for patterns in the data using central questions to focus analysis. Other questions or issues may emerge as you discuss and review the information. [more]

STEP 8. Make conclusions

Draw conclusions based on your analysis. Conclusions for program evaluation are generally derived from an outside evaluator, rather than program staff, in order to avoid bias. [more]

STEP 9. Report results

How you report findings depends on the purpose of your evaluation and the requirements of stakeholders and sponsors. The results of program evaluations may be reported informally to stakeholders as part of a working session or more formally in a presentation or written report. [more]

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