Assess students

Ethics for gathering data

Faculty members are usually free to develop their own methods of assessing student performance. However, there are some ethical issues to consider.

Grading system

An ethical responsibility as an instructor is to ensure that the grades you assign are the best estimate of your students’ performance. To help you, there are two commonly used grading systems: norm-referenced and criterion-referenced systems. [more]

The grading system you develop or select will generally reflect your philosophy of teaching and learning. [more]

Confidentiality of educational records

According to FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, all student educational records must be kept confidential for each student. Be sure to practice data security when gathering, and confidentiality when reporting, assessment data. [more]

Data security

Once collected, it is important to protect and secure data containing student information in a locked file or room. Secure electronic data by keeping it password protected and limiting access.

Continue maintaining data security even after the course is over. Check with the UT Austin Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS) to determine the length of time you should retain student information before destruction or archival preservation. UT Austin student data must be disposed of according to university policy. [more]

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