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A rubric is a systematic scoring guideline to evaluate students’ performance (papers, speeches, problem solutions, portfolios, cases) using a detailed description of performance standards. When students are made aware of the rubrics prior to instruction and assessment, they know the level of performance expected and they are more motivated to reach those standards. Rubrics provide both a grade (summative evaluation) and detailed feedback to improve future performance (formative evaluation).  

Parts of a rubric

Rubrics are generally comprised of four essential parts.

Types of rubrics

Rubrics can be holistic or analytic, general or task specific. [more]


Rubric development

Decide to either select a predesigned rubric or create a new one. [more]

Guidelines for using a rubric

For optimal results when using a rubric to grade student work, it is important that the rubric is properly administered and graded. [more]

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