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Gathering CPS survey data

STEP 6. Adminsiter the survey

CPS surveys are always completed in class. For step-by-step instructions on how to administer the survey, use the Help pull-down menu from the CPS program. To administer a survey created in the CPS software, select the Lesson tab, the survey you created, and the Engage Lesson icon. CPS For PowerPoint users begin their survey by beginning a slide show. Select Anonymous Mode on the Session Options screen which appears after engaging a session if you want the session data to be anonymous.

Before administering the survey, explain why it is being given and discuss issues of confidentiality and anonymity so students understand the conditions of participation. Responses are anonymous unless the instructor knows each student's response pad number. Instructors can increase anonymity by having students exchange remotes for the survey.

The instructor determines the amount of time students are given to respond to a question. CPS has a Ballot Grid listing all of the response pad numbers. Squares for each response pad turn blue when that student has made a response. Students can change their response and then click that response again to confirm the change. Once a sufficient number of responses have been made, you can either display the results for that question or choose to show results at a later time. Because you would usually present one question at a time to all students, using five questions or fewer is ideal. As an alternative, you could display all survey questions at once using a document camera or handing out a hard copy, which would enable students to respond at their own pace.” Add sentence “To do so, select Student Managed Assessment in the CPS  Session Setup window which appears after engaging your survey session.

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