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Method selection

  Study purpose  
Method Description Gain insight Change practices Measure effects Difficulty
Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

Simple but effective paper and pencil ways to get immediate student feedback about classroom activities or course content.

X X X Low
Document analysis

The systematic examination of course documents such as syllabi, exams and assignments.

X     Low

The systematic peer observation of classroom instruction using checklists, scales or narrative to document behavior.

X X   Medium
Product analysis

The systematic examination of any student created objects, portfolios, assignments, or writings designed to demonstrate learning.

  X X Medium

An ordered series of questions administered to individuals in a systematic manner.

X X X Medium
Blackboard survey

Using the Blackboard course management system quizzing tool to conduct surveys.




Classroom Performance System survey

A remote control system that allows instructors to conduct short student surveys in class and receive immediate feedback.

X     Low
Course Instructor Survey

The official UT Austin, end-of-semester paper surveys used to gather student feedback about courses and instructors.

X     Low

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