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CPS description

To use the Classroom Performance System (CPS) in class, you display a question on a screen and students answer using a remote control response pad. The analysis software can then immediately display the frequency of responses in graphic form and generate an item analysis. Response data is automatically stored and available in multiple formats for later analysis.

CPS receivers are portable and plug in to a USB port on a PC or Mac computer. All College of Natural Sciences classrooms are equipped with CPS. Any instructor can use CPS at no cost provided their students purchase response pads at the Co-Op bookstore. Classes with 40 or fewer students can borrow a stand-alone system available through the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). These systems come with response pads, so students do not have to purchase them.

Your students will receive a discount on response pads if you use a McGraw Hill textbook. For more information on CPS and its availability, see CTL’s FAQs.

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