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Formatting the CPS survey


Every survey should begin with an introduction explaining its purpose, how the results will be used, and how to answer the questions. To encourage candid responses from students, include the terms of confidentiality or anonymity.   You may also want to add further information.

With the CPS program, you can write an introduction using a separate question (e.g., the T/F, No Graphics, Big Q template), or you can display an introduction using a document camera or PowerPoint. If it is short, you can include an introduction as part of your first question using the CPS software. Verbal instructions are another alternative.

At the end of the survey, make sure to thank the students for their participation. .

Format the survey questions

Ordering questions carefully improves the flow and coherence of your survey. Use the following conventions to format your survey:

You can change the order of a question in CPS by clicking the question while in the Lessons tab and selecting the Up or Down button at the far end of the Lessons toolbar. When you click the lesson title or the View button, the question order will change. CPS For Power Point users drag the slide with the question to be moved to the desired location in the slide editor.

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