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CPS question types

With the Classroom Performance System (CPS), you can only write scaled or close-ended questions (e.g. multiple-choice, true/false, yes/no, or numeric). To obtain more in-depth responses, consider using another survey tool. Survey questions can be created directly in the CPS software, in a PowerPoint slide in the CPS for PowerPoint Software or with any text-based application. The CPS software refers to response formats as templates.

[more about scaled questions and response scales]

For close-ended questions, response choices should be exhaustive and mutually exclusive. Exhaustive response choices cover all possible answers that would be reasonably expected. If choices are mutually exclusive, a student is able to choose only one best or correct response.


Question: “How did you prepare for this exam?”

a. studying in a group
b. studying alone
c. reviewing class notes
d. re-reading the text
e. attending a review session led by a teaching assistant

In the example, studying alone does not preclude reviewing class notes or re-reading the text. Further, studying in a group does not rule out reviewing class notes.

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