Assess technology

Organizing and formatting surveys

Initial instructions

Begin with an introduction explaining the survey's purpose, how results will be used, how to complete the survey, and the terms of confidentiality or anonymity. Providing these terms promotes honest responding.  

Use clear, basic language for completing the survey instructions. For short answer or essay questions explain the desired length and detail of responses.


This survey is designed to assess the impact of the Classroom Performance System (CPS) on learning and course satisfaction. Your responses will be used to improve and guide the future use of the CPS. Responses will be kept anonymous and will not affect your grade in the course. Please indicate how much you agree with the following statement…

Create multiple section instructions

Surveys with multiple sections should introduce each section with a short statement about its content and purpose to help orient the respondent.


In this section we would like your opinion about the uses of Blackboard in this course.

Create end instructions

Instruct respondents how to return a paper survey or submit an electronic survey.   Tell respondents whom to contact if they want further information.   Include a message letting respondents know their electronic submission was successful if applicable.   Tell respondents how to view results (when applicable).   Thank respondents for their participation to increase the likelihood they will participate in future surveys.

Format survey questions

Use the following conventions to format your survey:

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