Assess teaching

Planning tips

Plan your assessment as you plan your instruction to ensure good results. Using each of the following tips will help you in the planning process.

Integrate your assessment plan into your course design

Ensure that you set aside the time (both during and outside of class) to conduct your assessment properly. Examples of ways to integrate assessment into your instructional plan include:

Obtain resources before the semester starts

Obtain necessary materials, training or staff prior to the semester. Refer to the resource requirements for your chosen method(s) and make arrangements to have these resources in place prior to the semester whenever feasible. While some assessment methods, such as feedback devices and document analysis, require few resources and little planning, other methods work best when there is careful, advanced planning.

Fully understand any data gathering technique or analysis software prior to the semester so that you know its limitations and planning requirements. If you use volunteers to help you administer a survey, set aside time before hand to instruct them in how to do it correctly.

Schedule your assessment

Allow enough time to implement each assessment method appropriately. We have information about how to implement various assessment methods, including what resources you'll need. Our step-by-step implementation instructions are designed to assist you in planning for the method, creating necessary assessment instruments, and gathering the data.

Plan time to analyze and interpret your assessment data.  Soon after implementation, set aside time to briefly review your data for any problems or errors. For some methods this is also a first step in analysis. You will need to reserve additional time to more systematically analyze and interpret the information you have collected.

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