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Reporting Blackboard survey results

STEP 7. Analyze the data

Once students have completed the survey, you can view the results on the Item Detail Statistics page, accessed through the gradebook. The simplest approach to analyzing the results is to study the percentage of students who chose different response choices for each close-ended question. Blackboard allows you to download the results along with the raw data which can then be used to calculate response frequencies and perform cross-tabulation analyses.

For open-ended questions identify repeating ideas and themes.  Blackboard allows you to view all the open-ended responses to a question together on one page.

Results should answer the questions you posed at the beginning of the process. If the results do not provide enough information, you might consider creating and administering a follow-up survey.

STEP 8. Make conclusions

Evaluate the results by how well they answer the study's questions. Draw conclusions about changes that you might make in instruction, content or assignments based on the findings. Also consider student satisfaction with various aspects of the course when making changes.

STEP 9. Report results

To emphasize the importance of respondents' contribution in the assessment and make future participation more likely, share the results with them. Share response patterns, your general impressions, and how results will be used.

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