UT Austin faculty and faculty-student/staff teams are invited to enter instructional technologies used for at least one semester for UT Austin courses with documented outcomes. Entries should demonstrate how the instructor’s approach promotes students’ knowledge and skills and makes teaching and learning more effective, relevant, and efficient.

Ideally, entries should:

  • create engaging learning experiences that help achieve teaching and learning goals
  • synthesize knowledge and content into a creative, innovative system
  • support faculty and students in effective and efficient teaching and learning
  • model, demonstrate, integrate, and contextualize concepts and concept relationships
  • support the direct application of knowledge and skills
  • support the assessment and evaluation of knowledge and skills
  • align with discipline knowledge
  • include multiple levels or organization schemas more likely to be integrated into multiple contexts for multiple audiences
  • be scalable and extensible to many learners

Specific technologies eligible for consideration include:

  • tutorials
  • content libraries with creative interfaces to enhance usability and functionality
  • narratives and problem-based learning scenarios
  • assessment and evaluation practices and tools
  • interactive animations, games, simulations, and virtual-worlds
  • tools enabling mobile, collaborative, and social-networking practices
  • learning spaces

Entries can be resubmitted each year with improvements. However, once an entry receives an award it is no longer eligible for reconsideration.

Suggestions for gathering documentation of results

See judging considerations