Faculty Information Management Initiative

The Faculty Information Management Initiative will strategically evaluate current processes and information systems, identify the information required to effectively manage all phases of faculty career administration, and enhance or develop processes and information systems to meet those requirements in a coherent and efficient manner.

We envision a comprehensive faculty information system delivered as a seamless, web-based portal.  This portal will serve as an information gateway to provide continuity across the various underlying systems and enable rapid access to information for all stakeholders.  The portal will allow the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost to become the authoritative source for all faculty information. 

The objective of the faculty information system will be to enhance institutional effectiveness by streamlining the administration of  faculty career activities, facilitating data analysis for decision makers, and providing transparency and accountability to stakeholders.  As such, it will directly benefit a wide array of constituents, including current and prospective faculty members, department chairs, deans, the Provost’s Office and public stakeholders such as parents, donors and legislators.