We Value...

Quality: Accurate and Timely Information and Analysis

  • The information provided by IMA is clearly defined and presented, consistently accurate and reliable, and produced in a timely manner.
  • We understand the priorities of our institution and strive to effectively support them.
  • We hold the integrity of our data to be of vital importance and we develop and maintain internal processes that are intuitive, effective, efficient, reliable, and well documented.

Satisfied Customers

  • We anticipate our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.
  • We are forward thinking and innovative in our approach to problem solving and analysis.
  • Our staff is knowledgeable and we strive to answer any and all requests for official statistical information, both internal and external; we will always provide assistance and will direct our customers to another unit, when appropriate.
  • Information that we generate is, to the extent possible, available to the University and the public on our web site.

Professional, Highly Motivated, and Well-Trained Staff

  • We take ownership of our projects and tasks, both large and small, and are accountable for the quality and thoroughness of our work.
  • We take initiative to provide information and assistance to our colleagues as a matter of course.
  • The priorities of the organization take precedence over our individual tasks.
  • We proactively participate in professional development activities and interact with peers to further our personal knowledge and ability to effectively fulfill our duties and responsibilities.
  • We are creative and proactive in finding answers and developing new products.

A Stimulating and Desirable Work Environment

  • We take pride in our team; we provide support, cooperation, information and encouragement to each other in meeting our goals and deadlines.
  • We value integrity, honesty, creativity, hard work and attention to detail.
  • We value camaraderie, a sense of humor, and food!
  • We respect each other's tasks and roles and acknowledge the accomplishments of both individuals and our team.
  • We try to see the best in each other, appreciating the diversity of our strengths and not dwelling on our weaknesses.