WORQSpace Provisional Rooms

What is a provisional room?

A provisional room is a temporary room record that allows other administrative processes dependent on location data to proceed.  A provisional room request should be submitted when a room is not in WORQSpace (e.g., room created by a renovation).  Once the room has been verified by the administrator its status updates to an active room record.

Provisional Room Request

To request a provisional room, you must send an e-mail to worqspace-ima@austin.utexas.edu. In your e-mail please provide the following information, in the same format, to request a provisional room:

Requestor Name:

Requestor UT EID:
Requestor E-mail:
Requestor Phone:


Building Number:
Building Abbreviation:

Provisional Room Number:
Adjacent Room Number:

Start Date:

Official Department:
Actual Department:
Room Type:



Hints on formatting your e-mail

  1. Copy the provisional room request information.*
  2. Click the e-mail link provided in the instructions (clicking the link will auto-populate the information headings).
  3. Paste the provisional room request information into the e-mail.
  4. Enter the required information to complete the request.
  5. Send the e-mail.

*Please contact worqspace@austin.utexas.edu if you have multiple provisional room records to process as may occur during whole floor renovations.