3 Letters of Reference

When you complete the online application for admission, you will be given the opportunity to list the names, positions, and email addresses of three referees.   After you submit your completed electronic application, “Request for Reference” emails are sent to each of your referees, directing them to a web site where they may fill out the reference questionnaire and upload their letters.  (They will be able to see if you have waived right of access to their letters and evaluations.)  Allow time for your referees to receive the electronic request, write the letter, and upload it before the deadline.

Hard-copy or emailed letters from Interfolio or other similar services cannot be accepted by the system; your referees must upload their own letters directly to the online application as described above.  We realize this can be inconvenient if you use such a folio service, but the system cannot accept letters any other way.

At any time after submitting your application, you may use the self-service feature My Status web site to manage, update, or revise your recommendation requests—for example:  to resend a Request for Reference email to a referee who has not yet uploaded one; to supply an alternate email address for a referee who has not been able to comply with the request due to spam filters, bad links, etc; to add a new referee if someone has declined or become unavailable to submit a reference for you; or to revise your FERPA (right to view reference letters) status.

If your encounter problems or have concerns, please contact GIAC at 512-475-7391  for information.