#1      No last-minute technical glitches will exempt you from the RECEIVED-BY DEADLINE for all electronic materials.  You cannot receive the link to upload your writing sample for sometimes as long as 72 hours after submitting your electronic application.  This is because the application form must be processed before you are given access to the upload instructions.  Start early and allow plenty of time.  Just because it’s electronic doesn’t mean it’s instantaneous.

#2     Get our program/major name correct:  Our program is called WRITING (MFA-Michener Center) and our major code is 693500.  We are not the English Department (whose MFA program is called “Creative Writing/New Writers Project.”)

#3     Don’t be confused by the fact the GRE department code you’ll use, 2503, is indeed called “creative writing”—this is a number assigned by Educational Testing Services, and used by all programs nationwide.   If you have gotten our program name correct (WRITING) your GRE score will find us.

#4     Don’t forget to email us the completed MCW coversheet under the subject line:  COVERSHEET, Last Name, First Name (Primary Field).

#5     Declare your secondary field of study.  The best place to include this info is (per our instructions) in a header on your personal statement.

#6     You are not eligible for our MFA in Writing if you hold another MFA or a PhD degree in creative writing in any genre from any institution.  Because of the generous funding, we are not seeking to admit students who have already had the opportunity of completing a so-called “terminal” degree in creative writing.