Degree Plan

The MFA is a three-year, 54 semester-hour degree. Students are in residence and enrolled full-time, typically for three classes each in the fall and spring semesters. There are no summer classes.

Writing workshops are the primary focus: a minimum of three are required in your primary field and two in your secondary field of study.  Readings or critical studies courses are also required in each field (two in the primary and one in the secondary).  The remaining hours are flexible to allow you to pursue supporting coursework that may feed into your writing projects, undertake further workshops or studies in one of your declared fields, or try your hand at yet another genre.

The year-long thesis course is focused on developing a manuscript in your primary area.  By your third year, you must also have produced a faculty-approved manuscript in your secondary area, though much less emphasis is placed on this being of publishable or produceable quality.