Fellowship Support

Thanks to the largesse of our benefactors, the late author James A. Michener and his wife Mari Sabusawa Michener, each admitted student receives a Michener Fellowship of $27,500 per academic year, plus remission of all required tuition and fees.  Support is renewed each year with satisfactory progress.  Students may also apply for Professional Development Funds to attend writing conferences or residencies, to fund research travel, or to use as a summer stipend while writing on a project.  The current PDF allotment per student is $6000 over the three years.

This level of fellowship support, which requires no teaching or other duties, is unparalleled among MFA programs.  “Don’t waste your time or my money,” Michener admonished each year’s incoming class in an orientation pep talk he gave until his death in 1997.  It’s still good advice.