Beyond the Classroom

Life at the university centers around academics, teaching and research, but the educational experience is much broader than that. We know that learning takes place outside of the classroom, too.

The university offers a wealth of academic enrichment opportunities, such as research projects for undergraduates and graduates; teaching positions; and opportunities for academic-service learning, volunteering, and other types of civic engagement.

Getting Involved

From clinics and internships at the School of Law to the Children's Wellness Clinic and the Family Wellness Clinic at the School of Nursing, students, faculty and staff are deeply committed to partnerships with the Austin community and beyond.

The university's RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service prepares students and practitioners to make effective contributions to their communities.

Innovative approaches to K-12 education are represented in initiatives with the University of Texas Elementary School, UTeach Natural Sciences, UTeach - Liberal Arts and the UTeach Institute.

Another way to extend your learning experience is by getting involved and exploring leadership opportunities in student, faculty and staff organizations.

Educating Citizen-scholars

Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) is a cross-disciplinary consortium that encourages undergraduates to find their own path through college and explore the opportunities of graduate school. The mission of IE is to educate "citizen-scholars" -- individuals who creatively use their intellectual capital as a lever for social good.

Ongoing Learning

Here at the university, learning also continues at any age, and from any location around the world. Explore Continuing and Innovative Education and classroom courses and online courses from University Extension. Or take your skills to the next level with offerings from the Professional Development Center.

Fostering Discovery and Exploration

Project 2004The university's centers of discovery and exploration also extend learning beyond the classroom. Treasures such as the Harry Ransom Center, the Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas and the McDonald Observatory at Fort Jackson give you an opportunity to experience first-hand classic and contemporary arts, the beauty below the sea and the magnificence of the skies. The University of Texas Libraries are also a critical resource for in-depth research across the university.

Life in Austin

The university wouldn't be what it is without the creative city of Austin.

The city's vibrant music, technology, arts and outdoors scenes are seamlessly connected to life on campus.

From museums, cultural centers, parks and start-ups galore to annual festivals such as South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin offers a seemingly infinite number of opportunities to engage your passions.

Take a short trip from the center of the Forty Acres through the Capitol complex to downtown Austin, where you'll experience the gems of Lady Bird Lake, the hike-and-bike trail that winds for 10 miles through the heart of the city, the Ann Richards Bridge at Congress Avenue (home to the city's urban colony of Mexican free-tailed bats) and the crown jewel of Austin — Zilker Park and Barton Springs Pool.

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