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Purchasing Office

Current Blanket Orders

There are no current campus-wide blanket purchase orders.

The purchase orders listed below are no longer active. Departments can create blanket orders for their individual use for recurring purchases of a specific service or commodity. For more information, follow the guidelines described in the Handbook of Business Procedures 7.7.5, Blanket Purchase Orders.

Bulk Liquid Nitrogen Matheson Tri-Gas 2009C00226
Deionized Water Siemens Water Technologies 2011C00889
Relocation Services Related to Recruitment of Faculty and Staff Global Mobility Solutions DBA Fas Relocation Network 2007C01766

Current Discount Agreements & Contracts

For discount computer and computer-related equipment purchases and lab equipment, supplies, chemicals, and furniture, go to the Discount Agreements page.

If you have any questions, contact your buyer in Purchasing.