State Contracts

The Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC) issues annual contracts to take advantage of volume purchasing discounts and to reduce repetitive bidding on commonly used items. A large variety of items are covered by these contracts, including supplies, equipment, materials, and services.

Current TBPC regulations require that items be purchased from the contract whenever possible.

Use of the contract is mandatory when using state funds and optional when using institutional funds. Exceptions to the mandatory use of the state contract include:

  1. The Spot Purchase Option: Under a specified dollar amount, the end user may choose the contract or open market purchase. This dollar amount will be listed in the contract's general information.
  2. Certain contracts require a minimum purchase amount. If the order does not meet the minimum, the contract cannot be used.
  3. If the item is not sold through the state contract or if the item offered lacks a feature or specification you require.
  4. Contract use is optional when using institutional funds.

The Texas Building and Procurement Commission has authority to administer and execute state contracts. A typical contract term lasts one year. During that time, the price of the item is expected to remain firm. The contract price is available to all state agencies and institutions in Texas.

Automated Contract

State contract items referred to as automated are computerized at the TBPC (found on the white pages of the contract books). Each item in the automated contract books has a unique 11-digit commodity code assigned to it. The first three digits designate the class, the next two digits designate individual items in that class, and the remaining digits designate the specific type, size, grade, and packaging of the item. The five-digit code number listed to the left of the commodity code indicates the vendor for that item. There is no limitation to the number of classes per requisition as long as all items are being supplied by one contract vendor. Automated contract items may be requisitioned by completing a PB7 document on *DEFINE or a Contract Purchase Requisition form and forwarding it to the Purchasing Office.

Non-Automated Contract

Non-automated contract items are those which do not lend themselves to easy computerized processing by the TBPC and are found in the yellow pages of the contract book. They are identified by the commodity class and item number only. You must reference accompanying price lists and catalogs for item descriptions and pricing. The order must include a complete description of each item including part number, model, specifications, etc. Only one vendor may be listed per requisition.

Non-automated contract items are purchased by: 1) locating them in your contract book, 2) completing the Departmental Requisition, and 3) forwarding the top copy to the Purchasing Office, retaining a copy for your pending file.

Confirmation Orders

Automated contract orders can be placed electronically as 'Confirming'. Process a PB7 document and add a confirmation date on the Assigned Vendor screen. This generates a statement that reads: 'Confirmation: Do Not Duplicate'.

When the document is approved by the last department representative, the computer assigns an Agency Requisition Number

Example: 460033

Precede the Agency Requisition Number with '721' and place the order by phone with the vendor.

*CAUTION: If you place the order by phone but fail to add a confirmation date, a duplicate shipment may be received. If you add the confirmation date but do not place the order by phone, the vendor may not ship.

Non-automated contract orders can also be placed. The procedure, however, is different because these orders cannot be processed electronically at this time. You must call the Purchasing Office and obtain an emergency purchase order number from the Contract Section. You may then place the order by phone and prepare the Non-Automated Contract Purchase Order form. Be sure to type the purchase order number and a confirmation statement on the order form. The form must be signed by an authorized signer for the account(s) used. Forward the completed form to the Purchasing Office for final approval and distribution.

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