Historically Underutilized Businesses

A business that is at least 51% owned and controlled by a woman or an ethnic minority qualifies as a HUB. During the bid process, The University must solicit bids from at least one HUB when a HUB is included on the bid list for the class and item being purchased. This is explained in the HUB Requirements section below. Only vendors certified by the Texas Texas Building and Procurement Commission can be recorded as a HUB.

PC5 - Class and Item Code

To find the list of HUBs that you can contact, you must first know the class and item code for what you are buying. If you have not found this code for the purchasing document, use the PC5 command to search by keywords that describe the item.

Example: To find the class and item code for a wooden desk, enter the PC5 command and type 'Desk' in the Misc field and press ENTER. Then, look through the list displayed to find the correct description of the item. In this example, it will be 'Desks and Tables, Wood'. The right column will show the correct class and item code for the desk - 42521.

PS5 - Bidders for a Class And Item

When you have the correct class and item code, enter the PS5 command. Type the class and item code in Misc and press ENTER. Do not put a space between the class and item.

Example: 42521

PS5 shows the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any business that has requested the opportunity to bid on that particular class and item. To get on the list, a bidder must complete a bid application and return it to UT Purchasing. If the vendor qualifies as a HUB, the TBPC will certify this and send the vendor a certificate. The PS5 lists both HUB and other businesses. These are in VID number order, not alphabetical. Press ENTER to scroll through the screens. HUBs are identified in the far right HUB column. If the HUB column is blank, the business is not a HUB. Type an 'X' in the field to the left of a vendor name to see more information about that business.

HUB Requirements

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