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VP9 E-Billing Payment Voucher


The VP9 E-Billing Payment Voucher is an electronic document specifically designed for purchases made through the web from eShip Global. VP9 documents replace VP7 documents previously used to pay for purchases made through eShip Global online. This enhancement is being implemented to distinguish ProCard payments from supply order payments, and provide business officers more flexibility in reviewing them.

VP9s will be created in this month's VP7 creation cycle, March 10. An email notification regarding document creation will be sent like the VP7 documents. VP9 document processing, approval deadlines, and recordkeeping requirements are the same as for VP7. Your processing will remain the same; only the command will be different.

Command Authorizations

Command authorizations for VP9s have already been established within electronic offices which have existing VP7 command authorizations. Therefore, if you are authorized to view and/or update VP7, you should have the same access for the VP9. The new command will be available for viewing starting on Monday, March 7.

Document Routing

For your convenience, the departmental and dean/VP routing for VP9 documents has been set up programmatically based on the existing routing path for VP7 documents. The new VP9s will be delivered to the same user's inbox where VP7 documents are delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can't I view the VP9 document?
    The VP9 screen will not be available to view until Monday, March 7. Documents will not be created until March 10. If you still have problems after March 10, contact your electronic office manager or delegate for assistance.

  2. How do I route my VP9s differently than my VP7s?
    Information about routing can be found in the VP7 handout on the web:
    Important: Routing should be updated prior to documents being approved, or else the documents will need to be re-routed. If the routing change is made too close to the approval deadline then the document might not be approved on time.

  3. I don't want to be the VP9 creator. How do I change that?
    Information about updating the document creator can be found in the VP7 handout on the web:
    Important: By changing the VP9 creator, you may also inadvertently change the VP7 creator. If the creators need to be different, you will need to use a separate desk.

    If you make the change prior to the March 10 creation cycle, then the new creator will receive the VP9s. If the change is made after the creation cycle, the new creator will receive the VP9s next month.

  4. Will my VP9 signer desk be the same as my VP7 signer desk?
    Your VP9 signers were automatically updated to be the same as your default signers. Therefore, if your office has previously setup different signers for VP7s and you would like for your VP9 documents to have the same signers as your VP7s, then the electronic office manager will need to make corrections.

    Please review your VP7 and VP9 signers within Section 7 of the US1 command. For more information on maintaining electronic signature authorizations, please read the *DEFINE PF6 help in Section 7 of US1, or call the Office of Accounting Help Line (1-8802) for assistance.

For Additional Information

For questions regarding VP9s, please contact Rita Mosley -

For questions regarding document routing or document authorizations, please contact the User Services Help Line

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