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Procurement Card Program

Procurement Card Certification Exam Instructions

After you have read through the Procurement Card Program information, you may want to visit askUS for more information. If you have not yet read through the material, start with the Overview and follow the navigational buttons until you have come back to this Exam Instructions page.

There are twenty (20) questions on the exam and you must answer fourteen (14), or 70%, correctly, to be eligible to receive a procurement card.

Once you have successfully completed the exam you will be directed to an online application input screen. Here you will enter your cardholder and departmental information. You will be asked for the VP7 Approver's name, the VP7 approver's mainframe logon ID, and the UT account from which your charges will be paid. Make sure you have this information ready before beginning the exam/application process.

After entering the cardholder and departmental information, the Cardholder Setup form will display the information you have typed in. Print this form; it will not be saved. To complete your application, specify a Reconciler and backup Reconciler and have them sign the application. The completed form should then be sent to:

110 Inner Campus Dr.
Main Bldg Rm 132
Austin, TX 78712

Once you mail the completed application to the Procurement Card Administrator it will take 5 to 7 working days for you to receive your procurement card. You will be notified when you may pick up your card.

Begin the Procurement Card Certification Exam
(requires UT EID)