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Procurement Card Program

How to get a Procurement Card

If you would like to apply for a procurement card you must first be approved by a department head, project director, or other administrative official who has signature authority.

Once you are approved, you must become familiar with the rules and regulations governing the use of a procurement card at The University of Texas. When you are satisfied that you have thorough knowledge of the material, you must take the Procurement Card Certification Exam, and then you will be able to fill out an application.

To prepare for the exam, read through the Procurement Card Program informational pages. Start with the Overview section, then read the Procedures section, and finally, read the Policies and Guidelines section. These three sections contain all the relevant information for potential cardholders and will also serve as a comprehensive reference once you have received your procurement card. There are multiple pages in each section. For training purposes, follow the navigational links at the bottom of the pages in these sections.

If you prefer, you may download the Procurement Card Program information pages in various formats to print or read at your convenience.

You may also want to visit askUS and the alphabetical Content list to review before you take the Procurement Card Certification Exam.

To prepare for the Procurement Card
Certification Exam, follow the navigational buttons.
The final page leads you to the Exam.
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