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Procurement Card Program

Introduction - Responsibilities and Liabilities

The University of Texas at Austin Purchasing Office is delighted to offer University departments a MasterCard Procurement Program for ordering supplies or business services. The program is a fast, flexible method of processing low dollar value purchases from vendors that accept the MasterCard credit card. This program eases the process of purchasing commodities for the university.

The procurement card works like a credit card, and carrying one is a privilege based on trust. In order to obtain a procurement card, an applicant must first become certified in its use.

The Procurement Card Program is authorized by a Texas Procurement and Support Services contract with Citibank. With the procurement card one may purchase non-restricted commodities up to the maximum single purchase limit on the card ($999 to a maximum of $4500 with approval) directly from vendors without issuing a purchase order or entering an accounting transaction. This program will reduce the time and effort required to make payments for university purchases.

The use of the procurement card to pay for a purchase does not exempt the university or its officers and employees from the purchasing requirements of state law and the TPASS.

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