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Procurement Card Program

Policies and Guidelines:
General use - Prohibited purchases - Rules - Post-purchase

Procurement card holders not abiding by University of Texas at Austin policies will have their card privileges suspended.


Safeguarding your Procurement Card
Application policy
Cardholder policy
Personal use policy
Allowed purchases

Safeguarding your Procurement Card
Each individual cardholder is responsible for the procurement card issued in their name and must take all necessary actions to ensure the card is maintained in a safe manner that follows all procurement card guidelines. Access to the procurement card should be carefully controlled and all charges on the procurement card should be reconciled promptly to ensure all charges are legitimate. Any questionable activity, or lost or theft of the procurement card, must be reported to the Procurement Card Administrator immediately.

Application policy
Any University of Texas employee may request a procurement card if approved by a department head, project director, or other administrative official who has signature authority. Departmental Approving Officials must be senior to the cardholder or not be directly supervised by the cardholder.

Cardholder policy
The cardholder cannot be the approving official for payment of his own purchases. The cardholder may not sign as the Departmental Approving Official unless the cardholder is the head of a budgetary unit.

Personal use policy: The procurement card is NOT for personal use!
The procurement card will have the State of Texas Seal and the wording "For Official Use Only" clearly indicated. This card is for business purposes only and may NOT be used for personal transactions.

Allowed Purchases
The procurement card may be used for purchase of goods or business services up to the maximum single transaction limit on the individual card (default is $999, the maximum is $4500). Some examples of allowable purchases include office supplies, research supplies, printing, duplicating, repairs, conference registration fees, and computer supplies.

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