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Procurement Card Program

Policies and Guidelines:
General use - Prohibited purchases - Rules - Post-purchase

Procurement card holders not abiding by University of Texas at Austin policies will have their card privileges suspended.


Shipping and receiving
Billing address
Approval of payment vouchers
Billing cycle close date

Shipping and Receiving
It is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure receipt of goods and services and to follow up with vendors to resolve any delivery problems, discrepancies, or damaged goods. In order to maintain internal controls, an employee other than the cardholder (but in the same department) is responsible for verifying the receipt of the goods or services purchased. Receipt of goods and services must be documented—some examples of acceptable documentation are noting the date on the associated receipt or retaining the packing slip. No shipments, including subscriptions, should be made to personal residences.

Billing Address
Orders are usually delivered to the cardholder's university department. The vendor may ask for the billing address, which is always:

110 Inner Campus Dr.
MAI, Rm 132
Austin, Texas 78712-1140

Approval of Payment Vouchers
VP7 payment vouchers are created at the end of each 30-day cycle, charging the account specified on the cardholder application for each transaction. VP7(s) will be electronically routed for approval to the individual(s) designated by your office manager. The cardholder must have submitted to the approver all receipts and supporting paperwork related to his procurement card transactions, and the transaction log for the procurement card should also be made available for reconciliation with the VP7 document.

The designated departmental personnel must verify the charges and approve the VP7s by the final approval date shown on the VP7 creation e-mail. Failure to timely review and approve VP7s will result in actions by the Procurement Card Program as follows:

  • First failure to timely approve VP7s: warning letter
  • Second failure to timely approve VP7s: 30-day suspension of card privileges
  • Third failure to timely approve VP7s: loss of card privileges

Billing cycle close date
The closing date for the billing cycle is always on the 3rd of the next month.

The cardholder must retain documentation for all purchases. Receipts must be matched to the VP7 during the reconciliation process in order to approve the VP7 document. The cardholder has three days from the date of purchase to submit a transaction receipt to his Approving Official. If the procurement card is used by more than one person, a transaction log must be maintained by the approving official.

  • For phone orders, ask the vendor to include a sales receipt in the package.
  • For Internet orders, print the online order confirmation or print a copy of the confirmation email received from the vendor.

For audit purposes, all procurement card documentation must be retained for current year plus three by the department. The Office of Internal Audits will audit all departmental procurement card procedures and cardholders at intermittent times. Records will also be reviewed monthly by the Office of Accounting, the Purchasing Office, and the Office of Internal Audits via electronic reports from the bank.

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