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Procurement Card Program

Policies and Guidelines:
General use - Prohibited purchases - Rules - Post-purchase

Procurement card holders not abiding by University policies will have their card privileges suspended.

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Disallowed purchases
Disallowed vendors
Prohibited Merchant Category Codes

Disallowed Purchases
The Procurement Card may not typically be used for purchasing the following items:

  • Alcoholic beverages1
  • Ammunition
  • Animals
  • Cash advances
  • Communication design services, including
    • Web site design and development
    • print collateral design
    • brand and logo development
    • copywriting
    • photography
    • videography
    • signage and wayfinding
    • advertising and other communication vehicles that represent the university, its colleges, schools, and units2
  • Consulting services
  • Controlled substances
  • Cylinder gases
  • Entertainment
  • Flowers 3
  • Food
  • Gasoline
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Leases and any usage or maintenance charges associated with leases
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Personal items
  • Plants3
  • Purchases involving the trade-in of university equipment
  • Radioactive materials
  • Software purchases greater than $1000.00
  • Travel
  • Tuition4
  • TXTag toll road tags5
  • University parking permits
  • Weapons
  • Class 3B and 4 Lasers6
  • Office Supplies7

This list is not comprehensive but lists typical disallowed purchases. Any questionable purchase should be reviewed in advance by the Procurement Card Administrator.

University departments may use the procurement card for the payment of goods and services that are routinely required for, and in support of, their university missions.

To purchase typically prohibited items such as the examples listed above, the cardholder must request authorization in writing from the Director of Purchasing or the Procurement Card Administrator. The request must be in writing - e-mail is permissable - and the response must also be in writing and retained by the Procurement Card Administrator permanently with the cardholders' records. The request must be made and the response received prior to purchasing any item not typically used in support of the department's university mission.

To purchase some items, the cardholder must also obtain the written permission of their Dean or Chairman in advance of the purchase. A special occasions form must be completed for each function where the Procurement Card is used to make purchases such as food for parties, celebrations, etc. that are not routine events.

1 Guidelines for purchase of alcoholic beverages are available at: All guidelines must be observed when purchasing alcoholic beverages with the procurement card. A special occasions form should be completed for each function where the procurement card is used to make such purchases.
2Communication design projects that are not executed by internal design staff or are purchased from outside vendors must be channeled through the Design Center in the Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs.
3Flower and plant purchases are restricted to institutional funds only and may not be purchased on state funds per the Purchasing Guidelines of the State Comptroller.
4Check with Procurement Card Administrator.
5TXTag toll road tags may be purchased for university vehicles on the procurement card by Fleet Management only. Personal use of a university vehicle or its state issued TXTag is a violation of university policy.
6These devices are regulated in the State of Texas and must be registered through Environmental Health and Safety. A purchase order using commodity code 49051 must be issued for these devices.
7The university has an exclusive contract with Office Max.

Disallowed Vendors
The following vendor types are disallowed and the procurement card charge will be rejected at the retailer site:

Bars, taverns, nightclubs
Duty-free stores
Hotels, lodging, campgrounds
Package stores, beer, wine, liquor
Personal service providers: laundries, barbers, funeral services, dating services, health spas
Professional services
Doctors, hospitals, schools
Service providers: financial institutions, insurance
Transportation services; boat rentals, cruise lines, marinas, steamships
Travel agencies

Prohibited Merchant Category Codes

3000 - 3299
All Airlines 5814 Fast Food Restaurants
3351 - 3440
All Rental Agencies 5921 Package Stores, Beer, Wine, Liquor
3501 - 3744
All Hotels 6010-6300 Financial Institutions and Cash Disbursements
Taxicabs & Limousines 7011 Lodging Hotels, Motels, Resorts
Bus Lines 7012 Timeshares
Cruise Lines 7261 Funeral Services & Crematories
Travel Agencies & Tour Operations 7273 Dating and Escort Services
5541 - 5542
Service Stations, Fuel Dispensers 7276 Tax Preparation Service
Eating Places, Restaurants 7297 Massage Parlors
Bars, Cocktail Lounges, Discotheques, etc. 7298 Health & Beauty Spas

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