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Procurement Card Program


How to use a procurement card
How to report a lost card
How to dispute a transaction
How to cancel a card
How to report fraudulent use of a card

How to use a procurement card
The procurement card works like a credit card. A cardholder may make low dollar value purchases (up to the maximum single transaction limit on the individual card) from vendors that accept the MasterCard credit card. The card may be used for purchases of goods or business services that are specifically related to the cardholder's area of expertise and/or their job-related duties at The University of Texas at Austin. The cardholder must keep all receipts or documentation for any purchases made with a procurement card.

How to report a lost card
If a procurement card is lost or stolen the cardholder should notify Citibank immediately by calling 1-800-248-4553. Inform the bank that the card in question is a procurement card. They will deactivate the old card and issue a new one. Instruct the bank to send the replacement card to:

Procurement Card Administrator
110 Inner Campus Dr.
MAI, Rm 132
Austin, Texas 78712-1140

The card must be sent to the Procurement Card Administrator so we may enter the new card number in our records and remove the old card number. As soon as the bank has been notified concerning a lost or stolen card, the cardholder must also inform the Procurement Card Administrator.

If a procurement card is lost or stolen, it is imperative the bank be notified immediately. The university is responsible for all charges incurred against a card until the bank receives notification that the card has been lost or stolen. This liability limit is $10,000.00.

How to dispute a transaction
A cardholder may dispute a charge that is not recognized or that appears to be incorrect. The cardholder should first make a good-faith effort to settle a claim or dispute for purchases directly with the vendor. If an agreement cannot be reached with the vendor, contact Citibank at 1-800-248-4553.

Disputes must be sent to Citibank within 45 days of the billing close date. The closing date for the previous billing cycle is always on the 3rd of the next month.

How to cancel a card
It is important to notify the Purchasing Office if a cardholder terminates employment with the university or changes departments or approving officials and must cancel his or her card. The procurement card should be cut into pieces and a notification to cancel the card sent to the Procurement Card Administrator prior to the employee's departure. The cancellation notification should list the cardholder's name and last 8 digits of the procurement card number.

How to report fraudulent use of a procurement card:
Contact the Procurement Card Administrator, then contact the Office of Internal Audits at 512-471-7117.

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