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Konica Minolta Managed Print Services

The University of Texas at Austin has selected Konica Minolta as its preferred supplier for copiers and managed print services effective Jan. 17, 2013. Konica Minolta services UT Institutions as the preferred supplier under The University of Texas System Supply Chain Alliance Contract #UTSSCA3812.

Contract Highlights

  • The contract covers Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) and related equipment such as desktop units, printers, and production print equipment.
  • The contract provides for fixed discounts from list price. These fixed discounts are applicable to both leased and purchased equipment. Under the lease option, a print charge is assessed to each print (cost per copy), which pays for the cost of all consumables, maintenance, and service for the equipment.
  • Departments can consolidate all of their units for billing purposes and receive one monthly invoice for equipment leases and one monthly invoice for copy charges.

How to Order

  1. Contact Konica Minolta for product and pricing information.
  2. Upon approval from the requesting department, Konica Minolta submits an Equipment Lease Schedule and Maintenance Contract to the Purchasing Office for signature.
  3. When the lease is fully executed, a representative from Konica Minolta contacts the department to arrange for delivery and provides the department with a copy of the lease.  Note: No electronic requisition document is required to process a Konica Minolta lease.
  4. A department initiates payment by creating a *DEFINE VP2 document and must include a copy of the signed lease along with the invoice as support for the first payment. For subsequent payments, departments must include the invoice and reference the document ID of the first payment (which will have an imaged copy of the signed lease) in the notes section of the VP2 as support for payment.

For questions about this contract, contact your buyer team in the Purchasing Office.

For pricing information or to check the status of an order, contact:

Laura Castleberry
Campus Advocate & Sales Consultant
Konica Minolta Business