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HUB Reporting

The State of Texas has established six specific categories of business along with individual adjusted HUB goals for each category (see chart below). As a result of The State of Texas 2009 Disparity Study, certain groups of underutilized businesses are defined within each of the six categories. The Texas Procurement and Support Services has adopted rules which set reporting and usage goals for underutilized groups.

For detailed information concerning The University of Texas at Austin's expenditure data, view the semi-annual and annual HUB Reports on The Texas Procurement and Support Services website.

Category UT Austin Semi-Annual Annual FY15 FY15 Goals
Heavy Construction N/A N/A
Building Construction 15.32% 21.1%
Special Trade 25.31% 32.9%
Professional Services 12.88% 23.7%
Other Services 6.78% 26.0%
Commodities 22.30% 21.1%
Semi-Annual FY 15 Supplemental Summary Letter

Texas Procurement and Support Services HUB Group Descriptions


AS Asian American
BL Black American
HI Hispanic American
NA Native American
WO Women
SD Service Disabled Veteran
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