Administrative Systems Modernization Program

What is the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0)?

ASMP 2.0 is a set of projects aimed at modernizing our administrative systems, business processes, data management, and technical architecture.

Why now?

The existing technology toolsets are reaching the end of their natural lives, making it risky to rely on them. As they age, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to integrate with other systems, add new business functions, and stay up-to-date on best practices. Retaining the University’s talented technology workforce also becomes more challenging.

What is the current status?

The University selected Workday as the modern, cloud-based system to replace existing human resource, payroll and financial systems. The Board of Regents has approved a contract with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) to provide integration services for critical components of the program. The ASMP 2.0 team is being assembled and core team members are attending Workday training. Initial plans for each of the projects are being created.

ASMP 2.0 will also coordinate the effort to select and implement a student administration system. Currently, student administration representatives are participating with fellow Workday design partners to provide input for student administration functionality that may be included in future Workday releases. The student administration system will be selected in the coming years with a projected 2017-2018 implementation time frame. 

In addition to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) work, efforts are underway to plan for a comprehensive data repository that will allow campus constituents of all types to access historical and current information from a single institutional repository.

Finally, Application Modernization efforts across campus are in progress. ASMP 2.0 is actively supporting units in their transitions off the mainframe and tracking the overall effort.

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Key Dates

2012: Administrative Systems Master Plan (ASMP) approved

2013: Workday selected as the administrative systems replacement

2014: Integration vendor selected; ASMP 2.0 begins

Early 2016: HCM/Payroll planned go-live

Fall 2016: Financial Management planned go-live

2017/2018: Student Administrative system implementation

2020: Applications Modernization/Move from mainframe complete