Pom Tryout Information

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Pom Tryout Information


Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Selection Process
Section 3 - Contact Information
Section 4 - Tryout Packet Information
Section 5 - Frequently Asked Questions


I. Squad Tryout Information

Pom Squad Definition
Texas Pom members specialize in dance, chants, short pom routines and mainly utilize cheer technique at all sporting events and appearances. The squad performs at home and away football games, men’s and women’s home basketball games, basketball tournaments, women’s home soccer games, and other University functions. Texas Pom also makes numerous appearances on television and radio and at non-University functions as determined by the Head Coach and Associate Athletic Director.

New "Easy Steps for Tryouts" Page Available!
If you are interested in trying out for the pom squad click here for an "easy step" process.

Need a studio to prepare you for Pom Squad Auditions?
Take some preparation tips from a former Texas Pom Squad Captain, in her studio located in North Austin. Click here to visit her website for information regarding location, and contact information.

**For the 2013 tryout season, all potential candidates MUST have a completed physical done by a physician of their choice at the candidates expense, within the 6 month period prior to tryouts.**


II. Member Selection Process

The Texas Spirit Program will host a two-day tryout session each spring to assess the abilities, leadership skills and potential of interested and qualified candidates for one of the predetermined number of available positions.

Tryouts are intended to be a low stress event. For that reason they are conducted in a practice-like environment during which the level of each candidate’s skills and talents, and their ability to work with current and prospective team members, will be evaluated. A short interview with the candidate may be conducted at anytime during the sessions.

Actual attendance by candidates at the tryout session is highly recommended; however, any individual who cannot attend the tryout session may submit videotape for consideration. All videos must be submitted before each respective scheduled tryout session begins and follow the format described below.

Videotape Entries
All videotape submissions must follow the format and be accompanied with a completed tryout packet.

All videos received for consideration as their final tryout (meaning the candidate will not be able to physically attend the scheduled tryouts), must be received no later than the due date of their respective tryout packet (listed in the "tryout packet" and "FAQ" section below).

All videos received seeking an invitation to a tryout session (Orange Squad Only), must be received in our office by Thursday March 28, 2013 @ 4:00pm. Upon receipt of tryout packet and video, candidate will be notified of invitation status by e-mail or by phone.

Notification of Selection
The names of persons selected for the Texas Spirit Programs will be posted on the Texas Spirit Program Website at www.utexas.edu/athletics/cheer after all tryout sessions have been completed.

Minimum Qualifications for Tryouts
Persons who wish to tryout for a Texas Spirit Program squad must meet the following minimum qualifications:

(Please note that incoming freshman and transfer students, DO NOT have to be regularly admitted in order to attend a scheduled tryout session. However, individuals selected to the spirit program WILL NOT be guaranteed admissions into the university.)

  1. If an incoming freshman or transfer student, must have completed the regular admissions application process before the posted deadlines.
  2. If a current UT student, must not be on disciplinary probation.
  3. Have sufficient physical fitness, strength, and athletic skills to perform the cheerleader, pom and mascot activities described below.
  4. Have health/hospitalization insurance in an amount comparable to the minimum coverage offered through the University’s student insurance program.
  5. Have completed the tryout packet as describe below in the tryout packet section.

Audition Process Description
(Subject to change depending on number of candidates)

Day 1 (Preliminaries)
Each candidate will learn routines and the Texas Fight Song. At this point, a skills section will also be administered, containing but not limited to the technical skills described below in the "Skill Criteria" section of the tryout material. If necessary, an elimination will be done on this day.

Day 2 (Finals)
Each candidate will perform the two routines learned, and the Texas Fight Song. An elimination will be done at this point to determine which individuals will be interviewed.

Skill Criteria
The Head Coach of the Texas Spirit Program will select members for the Texas Pom Squad. Members will be chosen based on the following criteria:

Mastery, or the potential to master the following skills.

  • Cheerleading skills:
    • Cheer Technique
    • Cheer Motions
    • Crowd Involvement Techniques
  • Double and triple turns (traveling and pirouettes center)
  • Center fouettes in a continuing second
  • Split leaps on both right and left
  • Second leaps on both right and left entrance
  • Dance foundational such as ballet and jazz help, hip-hop and advanced jazz ability
  • Athletic physique appropriate for required activities and routines.
  • Ability to remember complex and fast-paced routines

Other Criteria

  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Charismatic presence/personality
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Enthusiasm

Tryout session dates and locations link is available at the very top of page.

**Please note on your "Recruit Information Sheet" which squad you are requesting consideration for.**

Video Format
Video submissions must contain everything on the list below.

1. Two eight counts of high kicks performed on both right and left sides
2. Develop leaps on the right and left sides
3. Center leap from your best side
4. Double Pirouette on both sides
5. Triple (or more) Pirouette on both sides
6. Self choreographed cheer sideline (executing cheer-motions)
7. Self-choreographed dance at least four eight-counts in length (Hip-Hop)
8. Self-choreographed dance at least four eight-counts in length (Jazz)
9. Your best trick (leap, kick-turn, etc.)
10. ***Optional: A clip of a dance performance
11. ***Optional: Fouettes or turns in second
12. Interview question/topics to answer or discuss at the end of tape:

a. Why do I want to become a Texas Pom Squad Member?
b. What do I have to offer to the program and the University?

13. Rank the following items, beginning with the most important, and explain:

a. Academics
b. Being a University ambassador
c. Extracurricular activities (sororities, fraternities, clubs, etc.)
d. Nationals Competition
e. Supporting Athletics at the University of Texas at Austin


III. Contact Information

Spirit Program Office
(512) 232 - 2911 Main Office Line
(512) 232 - 6183 Fax Line

(ie. overnight packages, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.):
Alyssa Durrett, Spirit Programs Director
Texas Cheer Program
2100 San Jacinto
STD 1.246
Austin, TX 78712

(ie. stamped envelope mail, priority mail, etc.):
Alyssa Durrett, Spirit Programs Director
Texas Cheer Program
P.O. Box 7399
Austin, TX 78713 - 7399

Web Address: http://www.utexas.edu/athletics/cheer
Email: txcheer@uts.cc.utexas.edu

Online Form


IV. Tryout Packet Information

Packet Information
All candidates must submit a completed tryout packet to the Texas Cheer Program Office. No one will be allowed to participate in a tryout session unless Texas Cheer has received a completed tryout packet prior to the session an individual wishes to attend. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR THIS REQUIREMENT!

Tryout Packet and Video Due Dates
Cheer (Orange Squad)
In our office no later than: March 25th, 2013 @ 4pm
Cheer (White Squad)
In our office no later than: April 8th, 2013 @ 4pm
Pom Squad
In our office no later than: April 1st, 2013 @ 4pm
Mascot (Hook 'Em)
In our office no later than: April 15th, 2013 @ 4pm

Tryout Packet Content Checklist:

  • Completed medical forms (including Form B Physical Examination sheet) and Information sheet. (Click here to download these forms).
  • Cover Letter
  • One head to toe color photo of recruit, and one color head shot. (**Will not be returned) (Mascot candidates do not need to send photos, but can provide them should they choose.)
  • Resume of accomplishments (Individual cheer and non-cheer related activities).
  • One letter of recommendation sent from current or most recent cheer / dance advisor, or coach directly to Cheer and Pom Advisor. (**Do not send in packet, have advisor/coach send letter directly to Cheer and Pom office. Address letter to Alyssa Durrett.) (Mascot candidates do not need to send letters of rec, but can provide them should they choose.)
  • For incoming freshman only: one letter of recommendation from school official. (**Do not include the letter in the packet; have the school official send letter directly to Alyssa Durrett at the address listed above.) (Mascot candidates do not need letters of rec, but can provide them should they choose.)
  • Copies of all high school transcripts from incoming freshman, and college transcripts from transfer or current UT students.
  • $20 processing fee. (We will ONLY accept checks or money orders payable to UT Austin)
Tryout Packet Examples:

New! We have made available a few examples of completed tryout packets of current cheer squad members. Click the appropriate link below to download an example of what actual tryout packets have looked like.


V. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tryout to be a cheerleader if I am not currently on my spirit squad?
If you are currently not on your spirit squad, you must submit a letter to appeal for exemption from this requirement. Please describe in the letter the circumstances that preclude you from being a member of your school's spirit group. The head coach will review your appeal, and will notify you if you will be eligible for tryouts.

Can you mail/send me information regarding the program or tryouts?
We currently do not have any printed literature regarding our program or the tryout process. We have worked very hard to provide all pertinent information regarding our program and the tryout process right here on our website.

When and where are tryouts?
The information regarding dates and locations for tryouts is provided in a link located at the very top of this page or you can just click on appropriate link below.
Cheerleaders (Both Orange and White)
Pom Squad

When is my tryout packet and/or video tape due?
Cheer (Orange Squad)
In our office no later than: March 25th, 2013 @ 4pm
Cheer (White Squad)
In our office no later than: April 8th, 2013 @ 4pm
Pom Squad
In our office no later than: April 1st, 2013 @ 4pm
Mascot (Hook 'Em)
In our office no later than: March 25th, 2013 @ 4pm

Do you offer scholarships or out of state tuition waivers?
Fall and spring semester scholarships may be awarded to Texas Cheer members based upon need, academic performance, cheerleading activity, and conduct. Scholarships have historically have ranged from $100 to $250 a semester. We currently DO NOT provide out of state tuition waivers.

Do I need to send in a video tape if I am auditioning for the white or pom squads?
You DO NOT need to send a video tape tryout if you will be attending the scheduled tryouts in person. You DO need to send in a video tape audition if you cannot attend the scheduled audition in person.

Do I need an invitation to attend a tryout session?
You DO NOT need an invitation to attend the Pom Squad auditions or the White Squad tryouts. You DO need an invitation to attend the Orange Squad Tryouts. Information on how to receive an information is listed above.

How can I get an invitation to attend the Orange Squad tryout session?
Our program constantly recruits all year long and there are two ways in which to receive an invitation to attend an Orange Squad tryout session. One, current veteran members of the Orange Squad are allowed to invite potential candidates should they meet them or observe them in person. Two, send in a video tape as formatted in our video criteria section of our website.

Can I tryout for both cheer squads?
Yes, if you choose to tryout for the Orange Squad and are not chosen, you can then request for consideration for the White Squad. It is still highly recommended that you attend, in person, each of the separate tryouts should you choose to do so. Orange squad tryouts will typically be held prior to White squad tryouts.

Can I tryout for both cheer and the pom squads?
Yes, you can tryout for all three squads in our program. Please state on your information sheet that you wish to do so.

What are practices like?
A member of the coaching staff supervises all practices. Practice is normally scheduled for: Monday through Friday 4:30 - 8:00 PM
A required cardio and weight program is scheduled twice a week with assigned strength coach.

Does the program compete at nationals?
Historically, both the cheerleaders and pom squad have competed at UCA, UDA and NCA college nationals. Competing at nationals will be contingent upon university approval and funds.

What do I wear to the recruiting session?
All Cheer Tryouts
-Any Type of athletic shoes, shorts and T-shirt
-Appropriate athletics shoes, shorts and sports bra
Pom Squad
-Any type of black dance shoes, black pants and black top
-Any type of black dance shoes, black dance pants, and black top exposing midriff

Attire pertains to all Videotape entries!

What time do I show up to the recruiting session?
We recommend that everyone attending a tryout session show up a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

Is there a height and weight requirement?
No!! We do not maintain a height and weight requirement. We do require that all potential members maintain the appropriate physique in order to participate in the required movements.

Are tryout sessions open to the public?
Tryout Sessions are closed to the general public.

Is the videotape required as a part of the tryout packet if you are going to attend the tryout in person?
No. Videos are only required for an invitation to Orange Squad Tryouts, and any individual that cannot attend the tryout in person.

Do I need to have a physical completed by a physician?
Yes, you do need to have a physical completed for the tryout process. The physical must be completed by a physician of your choice, at your expense, within the 6 month period prior to tryouts.

Can Graduate Students tryout for any of the squads?
Yes, as long as you carry a full course load as defined by your graduate studies program, you are eligible to tryout for a position on the squads.

Are freshman eligible to tryout, and can freshman make the squad?
Yes, freshman are eligible to tryout and can make the squad.

How many people tryout?
The number of individuals that tryout for one of our groups vary from year to year. On average we have:

Approximate # of prospects
Orange Squad (Coed Cheer) Male
20 - 30
40 - 50
Pom Squad
75 - 100
White Squad (All-Girl)
40 - 50

If you have a questions that we did not answer in the FAQ or in the tryout material, please send your question to txcheer@uts.cc.utexas.edu. Thank you for your help.

Office phone number: (512) 232 - 2911
Program E-mail: txcheer@uts.cc.utexas.edu