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Only administrative offices, academic departments and established centers that have been approved through appropriate administrative channels shall have their own stationery.

The names of individuals may not be included in the text of stationery printed at state expense. However, the names of individual faculty and administrative officials and, as appropriate, endowed position title, office telephone number, fax number and other electronic mail address information may be added by means of laser printer or other printing technology to official stationery as the stationery is being used. The format design for this information is described below. Stationery not printed at state expense may include this individual information in the printed text, but care should be exercised to avoid preparing large quantities of stock that may become obsolete.

The basic format for all stationery used by university offices shall be the design adopted in March 1984. The stationery shall be printed on white UT Austin watermark paper stock with the university seal printed to the left. The seal and the rule may be printed in orange if so desired and if funds permit. For bulk mailings, the stationery may be printed on white stock without the UT Austin watermark.

The basic format for an envelope should contain the university seal and three lines of type. The seal and rule may be printed in orange if desired.

When orange is to be used, the shade is to correspond to the samples available through the UT Printing Division and the Office of University Publications.

It is recommended that official stationery be printed at the University Printing Division.


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Where to purchase

To see all business card, letterhead and envelope options or to place an order online, go to the University Printing Services website.


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Sample office stationery


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