Digital Publishing

Digital content, like print, should adhere to university standards to create a cohesive voice for the university. These guidelines are intended to assist digital publishers and creators in professionally and consistently representing The University of Texas at Austin on all digital platforms.


The university’s Web presence is an important part of its public face and should adhere to the same rigorous quality standards as the rest of its communications. This section provides more information about design, usability and standards.


Accessing the Web can be different on mobile devices. Included in this section are guidelines for developing mobile-friendly Web content.

Social Media

Whether you’re a faculty member using social media as a part of the classroom experience or a staff member who’s been charged with growing a social media presence for an administrative unit, you’ll find these guidelines helpful in navigating the quickly evolving world of social technologies.

iTunes U

The University of Texas at Austin on iTunes U is a collection of audio, video and educational course materials from schools, departments, libraries and other programs across the university. It is important to include album artwork to help visually identify your iTunes U Collections and Courses on the UT public iTunes U site. It is also important to maintain a visual identity that reflects The University of Texas at Austin. 

Processes and Solutions

You may have questions about other issues such as accessibility, analytics, metadata, platforms or privacy. This section provides detailed guidance for those and other topics.