Longhorn Silhouette

Longhorn Silhouette®


The Longhorn Silhouette represents the spirit of the university and is one of the most widely recognized university marks in the world. The Office of Trademark Licensing must grant prior written approval for all uses of the Longhorn Silhouette.

The Longhorn Silhouette may be used by UT Austin colleges, schools, units and sponsored student organizations and for preapproved events for nonsponsored student groups for licensed merchandise (examples: T-shirts, caps, decals, car flags) in the following manner:

Do not integrate the Longhorn Silhouette with other designs, words or marks or use it to replace a letter or part of one. Designs/logos that utilize the shape or outline of the silhouette or superimpose other words or elements on top of the silhouette are not acceptable.

The Longhorn Silhouette should always be secondary to the college, school, unit (CSU) or student group logo/words.

  • As the secondary mark, the Longhorn Silhouette must be smaller than the primary logo on the merchandise.
  • The Longhorn Silhouette may not be the focus of the product. Its placement must be in a less prominent location than the primary logo or message.

The merchandise must include a specific reference to a school, event, class or year, and the artwork design must not compete with items sold at retail outlets.

A committee of brand, creative and trademarks representatives will review designs to ensure they are not competitive with licensed retail merchandise.

Longhorn example, show silhouette designed into pretend logo

Do not incorporate the silhouette into other logos.

Longhorn example, show silly hat placed on silhouette

Do not superimpose other elements over the silhouette.

longhorn has ladybugs that make the shape of silhouette

Do not integrate the Longhorn Silhouette with other designs, words or marks.

longhorn is tilted, stretched and has a drop shadow applied

Do not distort the silhouette.