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“What Starts Here Changes The World”® is the official motto of The University of Texas at Austin. People have come to expect that the university is a leader in changing the world, and maintaining the integrity of this tagline through consistent use reinforces our message. The following guidelines will help take the guesswork out of using the university's tagline. The guiding principle: Use official versions of the tagline and wordmark without altering the design, colors or wording.




Using the tagline and wordmark in the following combinations reinforces our brand personality — bold, passionate, competitive, loyal, unique and innovative — in print materials, on banners and in online communications. These tagline/wordmark combinations also work well as a sign-off on the back of print materials such as brochures, reports, proposals, invitations and publications.

The tagline should always be used in its entirety and should not be altered or adjusted to fit other units affiliated with the university. The words included in the tagline, including their order, must not be changed or revised.


When the burnt orange (Pantone 159) cannot be used, follow the guidelines for alternative colors outlined for the wordmark.

Stacked UT wordmark with tagline in a large format example

Large format (use large format when tagline is larger than 2.5” wide.)


Stacked UT wordmark with tagline in a small format example

Small format (use small format when tagline is smaller than 2.5” wide to maintain readabilty.)


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horizontal UT Wordmark with tagline

Wordmark with tagline (horizontal, preferred)


horizontal UT Wordmark with stacked tagline

Tagline with wordmark (stacked option for secondary use)



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Incorrect Applications

Now here's what not to do:

Each word has a different color and type treatment.

Do not alter colors or wording.

What Begins Here Changes the Quad.

Do not alter typeface or revise wording to refer to a new location on campus.

Changed into a stacking configuration, added longhorn in design.

Do not alter design or wording.

Changed into a script font.

Do not change typeface or distort art.


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Download the tagline files. UT EID required.


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