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The University of Texas at Austin wordmark is the primary means by which we are recognized and should appear on all university communications. There are two acceptable versions of the wordmark from which to choose: stacked and horizontal. Both versions have been specially drawn and spaced; use either version as is without redrawing, changing, repositioning or further stacking it.

The wordmark may be used as instructed by the guidelines in all print and digital uses without additional approval. Any proposed use of the wordmark on merchandise (such as but not limited to T-shirts, mugs, pens, hats) must have prior written approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing and be produced under a licensing agreement by an approved vendor.



Stacked wordmark

The University of Texas at Austin stacked wordmark

Horizontal wordmark

The University of Texas at Austin horizontal wordmark




When reproduced in color the wordmark should appear in The University of Texas at Austin's signature color, burnt orange (Pantone 159), black or all white for reverses on dark backgrounds. Black, white and gray are the only alternate colors when the burnt orange (Pantone 159) cannot be used. Both wordmark configurations can be reversed out when the background is burnt orange (Pantone159), black or gray (80 percent black).


The University of Texas at Austin wordmark color options


College, School and Unit (CSU) Co-Branding

The university wordmark should appear conspicuously on all college and departmental communications. Using the university wordmark in conjunction with the wordmarks of individual colleges, departments, administrative units or schools shows the relationship between them. This allows the individual parts of the university to express their unique identities while still being seen as part of a larger whole. Like the university wordmark, the individual college wordmarks have been specially drawn and spaced; do not redraw or change them.

The mark may be positioned left, right or centered depending on the need. Spacing and size of the university wordmark are relative to the size of the college, school or unit's wordmark. The university wordmark is half the height of the college, school or unit's wordmark. Spacing between the two is a quarter of the height of the college, school or unit's wordmark.

Logos for CSUs, also referred to as logo signatures, should follow a standardized and consistent visual hierarchy. This recommended signature supports The University of Texas at Austin's brand while providing a clear and strong unit or group identifier. Eligible groups include all colleges, schools, units, departments, programs, centers and institutes.

CSU logo signatures include two main elements: the UT wordmark and a CSU wordmark listing (in hierarchical order) the university, followed by the group name. These components are recommended to always be placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified or redrawn. If a college logo exists, this mark may be implemented to the left of the signature and be scaled to the combined height of the university wordmark and the college wordmark. Spacing between the two elements is a quarter of the height of the college, school or unit's wordmark. 

horizontal wordmark used with College, School or Unit


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Minimum Size Requirements

To ensure adequate legibility, use the wordmark at the size below or larger. 

Wordmark Minimum Size Requirements, stacked version no less than .75". Horizontal version no less than 1.75"


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Minimum Clear Space

In order to maintain the integrity and establish the strength of the The University of Texas at Austin wordmark, a clear space must be kept all around the wordmark. No other elements such as type or graphics should appear in the area indicated by the dotted lines below.

The clear space around the stacked wordmark equals the height and width of the “X” in “TEXAS”.  

Stacked wordmark Minimum Clear Space


The clear space around the horizontal wordmark doubles the height and width of the “X” in “TEXAS”. Examples are shown below.

Horizontal wordmark Minimum Clear Space


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Incorrect Applications

Now that you know how to use the university wordmark, here's how not to:

wordmark with the word "Texas" in a western style font. Color changed to maroon.

Do not change color or typeface.

Wordmark is screened back, stretched and has a drop shadow added.

Do not distort, add effects or screen burnt orange (Pantone 159).

Wordmark is white on a red background color.

Do not substitute colors

Wordmark is placed over the tower image.

Do not place wordmark over images

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Download the wordmark files. UT EID required.


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