Visual Style Guide

As communicators on the Forty Acres we are gatekeepers of UT’s visual identity. It is vital that we project a single and clear image that consistently positions the university as the leading public research university in the nation.


The University of Texas at Austin wordmark is the primary means by which we are recognized and should appear on all university communications. The wordmark has been specially drawn and spaced; do not redraw, change, stack or reposition it.

UT Austin Seal

The university seal is reserved for specific uses, including business cards, stationery and communications from the president, and may be printed only in certain colors.

Longhorn Silhouette

As one of the most widely recognized university symbols in the world, the Longhorn Silhouette and its use are strictly regulated.

UT Tower

The iconic Tower is a symbol of our academic excellence. These guidelines ensure it is depicted tastefully and respectfully.


The tagline has been specially drawn and spaced; do not redraw or change it. The words included in the tagline, including their order, also must not be changed.

Other Marks

The University of Texas at Austin uses three main emblems as part of its visual identity for academic use: the stacked wordmark, the horizontal wordmark and the university seal. There are also three athletic emblems: the Longhorn silhoeutte, Block T and interlocking UT.

History of Marks

UT's marks have gone through several iterations in the life of the university.

Retired Marks

The following spirit logos/marks are retired and no longer distributed for general use.


The fonts “Charter ITC STD” and “Benton Sans” have been carefully selected to best represent the voice of the university. The typographic identity is visible across many applications, including print, electronic and environmental displays.


Burnt orange and white are the official colors and the primary palette we use to represent The University of Texas as Austin. The distinctive burnt orange color plays a major role in establishing our identity and should be implemented consistently in all print communications such as business cards, letterhead and presentations, as well as a broad range of marketing materials.


Campus Planning and Facilities Management (CPFM) will work with the campus community and campus administration on wayfinding projects. The purpose of these is to provide consistent and clear guidelines for all types of signage while following UT brand standards. You are encouraged to contact the CPFM office with questions on new projects.

Photo Style

Photography and video have proven themselves to be among the most useful and engaging tools a communicator or marketer can use. Our choice of images can and should support our verbal branding messages.