Brand Guide - Overview

This brand guide has been created to assist you in producing materials that are consistent and immediately recognizable as a representation of The University of Texas at Austin brand.

Brand Messaging

What Starts Here Changes the World

At The University of Texas at Austin, when we say “What Starts Here Changes the World,” it is more than just a tagline; it is our motivating force. Our students, faculty, and staff share a passion for making the greatest impact on the world around us to benefit society today — and in the future.

On campus, we see and hear examples every day of how our people are changing the world in large and small ways. Our brand communications strive to help our key stakeholders understand the value and impact of our world-class university by sharing these stories and images in a consistent and compelling way.


Defining brand

So what is A BRAND?

A brand is more than a logo, a tagline or a website. It’s also about personal experiences and interactions. Our brand is a combination of what people see, feel, hear, and think about The University of Texas at Austin.

Every time we engage and interact, we’re influencing people’s perception of the UT brand. That’s why consistency is key. The experience from one touch point to another should feel reassuring and familiar. We need to speak with a unified vision and voice.

Each one of us shapes the world’s perception of The University of Texas at Austin brand on a daily basis through actions both large and small.

Examples of your influential actions might include:

• Sending an email from your college or department
• Posting on a social media network - in an official capacity or on your personal networks
• Making T-shirts for a UT affiliated group
• Talking to current or prospective students and parents about the university
• Publishing an article or research findings
• Representing the university at a conference or sporting event
• Fostering relationships with corporations
• Engaging with alumni
• Writing, designing, and printing brochures or posters
• Chatting with colleagues from other schools
• Recruiting new staff
• Submitting a grant application
• Creating or editing a university-related website
• Stewarding or soliciting a donor
• Interacting with the media
• Talking to anyone outside UT - friends, neighbors, relatives. You are their most immediate connection to UT.

Brand Personality

Who we are –  If the university were a person, what words would capture the uniqueness that is UT? How do we want people to describe us? Our brand personality should infuse everything we say and do. We are a big university and we give it our all because we’re doing work that matters.

There’s really no place on earth like the Forty Acres — a home that’s equally comfortable for artists and scientists, historians and entrepreneurs, philosophers and engineers. No matter who you are or where you came from, this is a place where you can follow your dreams and find your passion.

At The University of Texas at Austin, we are







Brand Positioning and Pillars

What we say and do - Our positioning statement informs how we think about the university and helps shape our communications.

The University of Texas at Austin, driven by a culture of excellence, combines scholarship, scale, and the Texas spirit to create a powerful engine for advancing society.

Think of our brand pillars like our action plan. They are the essence of what we do and how we tell our stories.

At The University of Texas at Austin, we:
UT has a vision to be the best public research university in America and is leading the effort to transform higher education for students of Texas and the world.


Our people — students, alumni, friends, faculty, and staff — are engaged like no university community in the world with a passion for making the world a better place.


UT is at the center of one of the world’s fastest-growing entrepreneurial centers in Austin, Texas, driving innovation through creativity and critical thinking.

Make an impact
The university’s unmatched scope and scale combine to make the greatest impact on issues, people, and events that are changing the world.


Can we sum all that up in one line?

Our tagline
What starts here changes the world.

Brand voice

How we say it - Just as important as our brand strategy is how we execute. When planning communications, always consider your audience and why they would be interested or care about the story you are telling them. We always try to:

  1. Evoke emotion! For anyone who has spent even a few minutes on our campus, they know there is energy and excitement about being a part of UT Austin. As President Powers says, “There is something palpable about being a Longhorn.” Aim to connect with your audience through emotion.
  2. Show — don’t tell!  Our audiences are inundated with messages and media competing for their attention. Our communications need to capture their attention and draw them in to be a part of UT. Compelling stories, dynamic images, cool graphics, or engaging videos are all ways to communicate information in interesting and unique ways.
  3. Remember who we are. Use the brand pillars to show how UT Austin
  • Leads
  • Engages
  • Innovates
  • Makes an impact