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Office of Accounting

Account Creation and Control

Account Status Changes
Financial Accounting Services (FAS) updates the status of accounts on all existing budget groups, except for 26 accounts. Regarding 26 accounts, contact the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Inactivation and closing of accounts
Available statuses are active and inactive. When an account is inactive, no entries can be processed against it. Inactive budget groups that have free balances of zero are closed and deleted by the accounting system at the end of the second fiscal year without account activity.

Normally the accountant responsible for a budget group notifies FAS when an account is ready to be inactivated. However, departmental requests to inactivate an account can be submitted by a person who has manual signature authority for the budget group. (The GBS command in *DEFINE lists signers for a budget group.)

How to request
Make a written request.
Send information about the account(s) to Financial Accounting Services:
Campus mail address: D8700
Fax number: 512-471-2689
Or hand deliver: UTA 3.302

FAS's normal processing schedule is to process requests at 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. daily. However, during peak periods processing may take up to a week.

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