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Account Creation and Control

Assigning Budget Groups to Unit Codes
All assignments of existing budget groups to unit codes are done by Financial Accounting Services (FAS). When budget groups are transferred to a new unit code, they are blocked from certification in the expense certification system. Therefore, FAS requests that departments verify and state that all expense certifications are up to date before processing a unit code change. FAS does not update existing unit codes or create new unit codes. Requests to create or update unit codes (rather than budget groups) require completion of a Signature Desk Request Form.

Who may request
Requests to move a budget group from one unit to another must come from someone with manual signature authority for the budget group. (Note: The GBS command in *DEFINE lists signers for a budget group.)

How to request
Make a written request, including:
the budget group
the unit code the budget group should be moved to
Dean's approval
a statement confirming that expense certifications are up to date

Send the request to Financial Accounting Services.
Campus mail address: D8700
Fax number: 471-2689
Or hand deliver: UTA 3.302

FAS's normal processing schedule is to process requests at 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. daily. However, during peak periods processing may take up to a week.

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