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Office of Accounting

Accounts Payable Services

The Accounts Payable section creates, reviews and approves documents and maintains the Vendor Identification System and generate payments to those vendors. We provide accurate and complete information about those documents to our customers and assist them in understanding the entire payment process.

Co-Sponsorship Procedures

Assigning Inventory Object Codes*

Improved VP1 Document

Quick Reference for Payment Voucher Preparation

Payment Voucher Processing Guide

Special Processing Issues for VPM Documents

Check Distribution Code "P" guidelines and procedures

Vendor ID Maintenance

Vendor Information
This system is in UT Direct and requires proper authorizations in *DEFINE.

Procurement Card Information

Post Payment Audit

Prompt Payment Act

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
Current foreign currency exchange rates are provided on the Web by OANDA.

Telecommunications Fees Taxes and Surcharges

Contact Accounts Payable

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